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A bout MarbleCLAY

MarbleCLAY is a polygon modeler.(It has been called Etude/3D before.) Now it can be used for free.But because of beta version,you have to regist,and inform me of any reports.
You cannot save a complex object(1000poly/obj) in a non-registration state, but the exporting object is possible..

S creen Shots

Modelling by 4 way + Loupe window. Object UnWrap,and UV edit
Modelling object with curve surface from polygons. Curve surface via control point./OpenGL FragmentShader preview

Modeling movie

F eatures

13D Loupe : The circumference of cursor is indicated by 3D-Loupe. You can choose exactly vertex, edge and polygon.
2Highlighted vertex, edge and polygon : You can know element before actually choosing.
3Modeling by drawing line.
4Spline patch modeling by triangle and square polygons.
5Automatic or manual mirror modeling.
6Unwrap and manipulate UV net by GUI.
7Customizable combination Alt,Shift and Cntrol Keys.
8GYAKKOU algorithm adoption. The vertices can be moved to an exact position with perspective-view only.
9Test rendering with Redqueen2
10Simple bone (v1 beta5.5 / v2 alpha1) movie1 | movie2

R egistration

Please fill in following information and send email to me.

And I will send you Passcode.

(Please enter information)
Subject : MarbleCLAY Registration

1. OS (ex:WindowsXP Home)
2. CPU (ex:AMD Athlon 1.4GHz)
3. Memory size (ex:512MB)
4. Video card (ex:RADEON9700PRO)
5. Software (ex:CarraraStudio2)
6. Browser version (ex: IE6 sp1)
7. Where do you know MarbleCLAY?
8. Bug reports (Please inform it's state in detail.)
9. Any suggestion or comments

When you get passcode,enter it in Menu->Help->User registration.

B ug List

Sorry, There is bug-list in Japanese page, only.